2019-08-17 Luke LauFix total pattern match verification master
2019-08-17 Luke LauStore ADTs with only singletons in registers
2019-08-16 Luke LauCheck for complete pattern matches
2019-08-16 Luke LauAdd extra spicy test case
2019-08-16 Luke LauFix typechecking with bindings
2019-08-15 Luke LauStart work on collecting all bindings when typechecking...
2019-08-15 Luke LauAdd more complicated pattern matching test case
2019-08-15 Luke LauFix bindings in ADT pattern matching codegen
2019-08-15 Luke LauAdd case statement codegen and singleton ADTs
2019-08-15 Luke LauHandle pattern matching entire expressions
2019-08-15 Luke LauAdd bindings to pattern matching in case statement...
2019-08-15 Luke LauFix up typechecking of case
2019-08-15 Luke LauWIP on typechecking case statements
2019-08-14 Luke LauStart work on case statements
2019-08-14 Luke LauFlesh out stack values within ADTs
2019-08-14 Luke LauFix typo
2019-08-14 Luke LauFix typo
2019-08-14 Luke LauCan now pass about adts stored on the stack
2019-08-13 Luke LauMove utils into its onw file
2019-08-13 Luke LauCheck for let pattern matches that they have only one sum
2019-08-13 Luke LauUpdate main.scm to properly read in multi-expression...
2019-08-13 Luke LauCheck for the right number of bindings in pattern matching
2019-08-12 Luke LauMove expanding pattern matches to its own transformations
2019-08-12 Luke LauADT codegen working for simple types
2019-08-06 Luke LauA bit more work on ADT codegen
2019-08-06 Luke LauDenormalize the type annotated ast, and tag stack values
2019-08-06 Luke LauAnnotate ast with types for adt codegen
2019-08-04 Luke LauFormulate destructors properly
2019-08-04 Luke LauFix let-bindings
2019-08-04 Luke LauFix flat-map
2019-08-04 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' of
2019-08-04 Luke LauAdd test case
2019-08-02 Luke LauRemove redundant range definition
2019-08-02 Luke LauWIP in let-binding pattern match stuff
2019-08-02 Luke LauStart work on ADTs
2019-08-02 Luke LauTidy up
2019-08-01 Luke LauAdd clash constraints when merging typechecker-refactor
2019-08-01 Luke LauWIP on typechecker refactor
2019-07-30 Luke LauFix starting off with the wrong stack index
2019-07-30 Luke LauMake base pointer to point to the previous frames base...
2019-07-30 Luke LauAdd notes on typechecking
2019-07-30 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' of
2019-07-30 Luke LauAdd support for recursive let binding codegen
2019-07-30 Luke LauAdd notes on ownership
2019-07-30 Luke LauAdd pow test
2019-07-29 Luke LauAdd a test for equality
2019-07-29 Luke LauReset label and lambda counters on compile
2019-07-29 Luke LauFix = codegen
2019-07-29 Luke LauFix graph not considering original binds when recursing
2019-07-29 Luke LauUpdate recursive test to simpler example
2019-07-29 Luke LauSubstitute constraints after recursive call
2019-07-29 Luke LauAdd ast-find
2019-07-29 Luke LauRefactor unify
2019-07-29 Luke LauAlways use PIC for static string codegen
2019-07-29 Luke LauStart thinking about heap allocation
2019-07-29 Luke LauAdd dodgy uname based host OS detection
2019-07-28 Luke LauSubstitute only the variables in the scc
2019-07-28 Luke LauBreak up lets into SCCs before typechecking
2019-07-28 Luke LauAdd some documentation to the abi
2019-07-27 Luke LauAdd a bunch more tests
2019-07-27 Luke LauFill in missing builtin lambda info
2019-07-27 Luke LauFix overwriting preserved base pointer in prolog
2019-07-27 Luke LauAdd new test
2019-07-27 Luke LauAllocate and pass closures on the heap
2019-07-24 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' of
2019-07-24 Luke LauMore WIP on closures
2019-07-24 Luke LauAdd WIP on passing about closures
2019-07-24 Luke LauAllocate heap at the start
2019-07-24 Luke LauFix string addressing and clobbered register
2019-07-24 Luke LauFix static string addressing
2019-07-23 Luke LauAdd darwin target support
2019-07-23 Luke LauMake the ABI respect stack etc.
2019-07-23 Luke LauUpdate main for codegen changes
2019-07-23 Luke LauAdd strings and print primitive
2019-07-23 Luke LauRemove C dependency, directly emit _start
2019-07-23 Luke LauCodegen if statements
2019-07-23 Luke LauAdd ast-traverse helper
2019-07-22 Luke LauRefactor ast "pattern matching" to a single function
2019-07-22 Luke LauAdd recursive let-bindings
2019-07-22 Luke LauFix some normalization issues, add codegen tests
2019-07-22 Luke LauFirst pass at lambdas and closures
2019-07-21 Luke LauAdd pretty printing for types
2019-07-21 Luke LauAdd more binary ops
2019-07-20 Luke LauResolve types in lambda arguments, recursively substitute
2019-07-20 Luke LauNormalize lambdas to be single arguments only
2019-07-17 Luke LauSplit out compiler into codegen and main
2019-07-17 Luke LauFix up codegen-add for vars
2019-07-17 Luke LauAdd let bindings
2019-07-17 Luke LauAdd .gitignore
2019-07-17 Luke LauAdd consolidation, tie up with typechecker
2019-07-17 Luke LauStart typechecker