2020-02-11 Luke LauFix maps not being bound in materials
2020-02-11 Luke LauDo boning and animation properly
2020-02-10 Luke LauRemove cmake
2020-02-10 Luke LauAllow materials to not have some properties
2020-02-10 Luke LauUpdate shader errors, add back brdffrag cs7gv3-a3
2020-02-10 Luke LauAdd newtonsCradle glb
2020-02-10 Luke LauNew skyboxes
2020-02-10 Luke LauLoad cameras and shuffle about model stuff
2020-02-10 Luke LauRemove unused vars
2020-02-10 Luke LauFix bone offset matrix being unnecessarily inverted
2020-02-10 Luke LauHandle opengl internal format + format in image.cpp
2020-02-09 Luke LauFix metal roughness texture on streaked metal material
2020-02-09 Luke LauFix skybox images not using the right data layout
2020-02-09 Luke LauGet stuff building again
2020-02-09 Luke LauHandle loading of embedded textures
2020-01-22 Luke LauUpdate assignment 5 report
2018-11-27 Luke LauFinal project!
2018-11-27 Luke LauBones and skeletal animation
2018-11-20 Luke LauAdd extra skyboxes
2018-11-20 Luke LauAdd glTF PBR model loading
2018-11-19 Luke LauAdd specular component
2018-11-18 Luke LauImplement IBL diffuse part
2018-11-18 Luke LauPBR checkpoint
2018-11-13 Luke LauUpdate models
2018-11-13 Luke LauFix refelctivity + refraction
2018-11-08 Luke LauAdd refraction
2018-11-08 Luke LauReflection
2018-11-06 Luke LauSkybox
2018-11-06 Luke LauStuff
2018-11-02 Luke LauTidy up
2018-11-02 Luke LauAdd specular and normal mapping
2018-10-31 Luke LauAdd basics of materials
2018-10-30 Luke LauObject hierarchies
2018-10-26 Luke LauWork on assignment 4
2018-10-15 Luke LauAllow upside-down(ish) camera angles
2018-10-15 Luke LauDo assignment 3 assignment-3
2018-10-12 Luke LauAdd belly to triangle
2018-10-12 Luke LauAdd solid shader and light cube thing
2018-10-11 Luke LauAdd Phong lighting phong
2018-10-09 Luke LauFix typo
2018-10-08 Luke LauAdd assignment 2 report
2018-10-08 Luke LauImplement proper movement and camera controls
2018-10-08 Luke LauAssignment 2
2018-09-30 Luke LauFix on Mojave assignment-1
2018-09-25 Luke LauBlah
2018-09-18 Luke LauAdd yellow shader
2018-09-16 Luke LauDraw 2 triangles with 2 VAOS+VBOS
2018-09-16 Luke LauInitial commit