2019-12-29 Luke LauBump to master
2019-12-29 Luke LauHandle receiving messages in between the initialize...
2019-12-20 Luke LauDisable CI on macOS 8.4.4
2019-12-20 Luke LauUpdate hie used in CI
2019-12-20 Luke LauDon't install globally via npm
2019-12-20 Luke LauTurn on Haskell workflow for PRs
2019-12-20 Luke LauSquashed commit of the following:
2019-12-16 Luke LauUpdate stack.yaml
2019-12-16 Luke LauRemove rope-utf16-splay dependency
2019-12-15 Luke LauBump to
2019-12-15 Luke LauFix haddock markup
2019-12-15 Luke LauHandle env vars set to "0"
2019-12-15 Luke LauAdd ability to override some config via env vars
2019-12-15 Luke LauUpgrade to haskell-lsp-0.19
2019-12-15 Luke LauMerge pull request #61 from mpickering/wip/persist...
2019-12-08 Luke LauFix Haddock formatting error
2019-12-08 Luke LauRemove stability field
2019-12-08 Luke LauUpdate stack.yaml
2019-11-26 Matthew PickeringTrack changes to haskell-lsp
2019-11-26 Luke LauPretty print last received messages
2019-11-26 Luke LauAdd ignoreLogNotifications config option
2019-11-26 Luke LauPrint last received message in timeout exceptions
2019-11-26 Luke LauUpdate stack.yaml
2019-11-26 Luke LauRemove stack.yaml.lock
2019-11-17 Luke LauPrepare for
2019-11-17 Luke LauMerge pull request #59 from cocreature/expose-satisfymaybe
2019-11-17 Luke LauUpdate haskell-lsp and bump to
2019-11-17 Moritz KieferExpose satisfyMaybe
2019-11-12 Luke LauMerge pull request #58 from alanz/wip/vfs
2019-11-11 Alan ZimmermanRemove no longer needed dependency
2019-11-10 Alan ZimmermanUse initVFS to simplify runSession mechanics
2019-11-10 Alan ZimmermanMatch current haskell-lsp master
2019-11-10 Luke LauAdd troubleshooting for stack environment variables
2019-11-10 Luke LauAdd bounds for containers
2019-11-01 Matthew PickeringTrack upstream
2019-10-18 Luke LauAdd bounds for process
2019-10-18 Luke LauBump to
2019-10-18 Luke LauMerge pull request #54 from cocreature/workdoneprogress
2019-10-18 Luke LauFix tests
2019-10-18 Luke LauUpdate to haskell-lsp-0.17
2019-10-17 Moritz KieferUpdate to current state of progress reporting in LSP
2019-10-05 Luke LauUpdate changelog
2019-10-05 Luke LauMerge pull request #52 from bubba/session-newtype
2019-10-05 Luke LauAdd back parser namers session-newtype
2019-10-05 Luke LauFix warning
2019-10-05 Luke LauRemove commented line
2019-10-05 Luke LauWIP in wrapping Session in a newtype
2019-10-05 Luke LauSquashed commit of the following:
2019-09-08 Luke LauBump to
2019-09-08 Luke LauStart working on support for GHC 8.8/haskell-lsp-0.17
2019-08-24 Luke LauTry out GitHub actions
2019-08-24 Luke LauBump to
2019-08-23 Luke LauMerge pull request #45 from cocreature/satisfy-maybe
2019-08-10 Moritz KieferAdd a more general satisfyMaybe helper
2019-08-06 Luke LauMerge pull request #44 from jneira/fix-win-tests
2019-08-06 Luke LauRemove extra stack files
2019-07-24 jneiraUse the correct errno and remove cleanupRunningProcess
2019-07-23 jneiraIgnore 'permisision denied' error cleaning up processes
2019-07-22 jneiraAdd stack.yaml for last minor versions used in hie
2019-07-22 jneiraInclude ignoreSigPipe to avoid hangs
2019-07-22 jneiraHide cleanupProcess for process- with comment
2019-07-21 jneiraMerge branch 'fix-win-tests' of
2019-07-20 jneiraFix conditionals for process-
2019-07-20 Luke LauDon't use exitServer in Replay
2019-07-18 jneiraMerge branch 'fix-win-tests-compat' into fix-win-tests
2019-07-17 jneiraAdd cleanupRunningProcess to Compat module
2019-07-16 jneiraUse original hie commit
2019-07-16 jneiraReplace cleanupServer with functions avalilable in...
2019-07-12 jneiraCheckout using commit instead a tag
2019-07-12 jneiraSkipping manual js session test
2019-07-12 jneiraCheckout lastest release version of hie in travis
2019-07-11 jneiraRevert "Avoid error when trying to shutdown manual...
2019-07-11 jneiraAvoid error when trying to shutdown manual js session
2019-07-11 jneiraSkip `manual javascript session passes a test` for...
2019-07-11 jneiraUse ProcessHandle in withServer to allow kill it by...
2019-07-11 jneiraUse the same magnitude in session timeout and threadDelay
2019-07-10 jneiraAdd a finally and timeout to ensure the call to killThread
2019-07-10 jneiraExit the server and its listener properly
2019-07-09 jneiraRemove test that already exists in hie
2019-07-09 jneiraUse a SessionException instead an error, to ignore...
2019-07-09 jneiraAdd new NoContentLengthHeader SessionException to repla...
2019-07-09 jneiraAdd server shutdown check to throw exception
2019-07-09 jneiraRemove comment about IORef
2019-07-09 jneiraShutdown the server before kill its thread
2019-07-08 jneiraAdd "rename suggestion" test
2019-07-04 Luke LauBump to
2019-07-04 Luke LauUpdate hie in CI
2019-07-04 Luke LauMerge pull request #42 from lorenzo:haskell-lsp-0.15
2019-07-04 Luke LauRemove allow newer
2019-07-02 Jose Lorenzo... Upgrading to haskell-lsp 0.15
2019-06-13 Luke LauBump to
2019-06-13 Luke LauMerge pull request #40 from cocreature/fix-custom-methods
2019-06-13 Luke LauMerge pull request #41 from cocreature/helpers
2019-06-13 Luke LauUse haskell-lsp from hackage and bump
2019-06-13 Moritz KieferFix getDefinitions for SingleLoc and add getCodeLenses
2019-06-13 Moritz KieferAdapt to custom methods changes in haskell-lsp
2019-06-13 Luke LauSquashed commit of the following:
2019-06-08 Luke LauMerge pull request #39 from cocreature/fix-windows
2019-06-06 Moritz KieferFix various issues encountered on Windows
2019-06-04 Luke LauMerge pull request #32 from fendor/tdr-test-impls