2019-07-04 Luke LauBump to master
2019-07-04 Luke LauUpdate hie in CI
2019-07-04 Luke LauMerge pull request #42 from lorenzo:haskell-lsp-0.15
2019-07-04 Luke LauRemove allow newer
2019-07-02 Jose Lorenzo... Upgrading to haskell-lsp 0.15
2019-06-13 Luke LauBump to
2019-06-13 Luke LauMerge pull request #40 from cocreature/fix-custom-methods
2019-06-13 Luke LauMerge pull request #41 from cocreature/helpers
2019-06-13 Luke LauUse haskell-lsp from hackage and bump
2019-06-13 Moritz KieferFix getDefinitions for SingleLoc and add getCodeLenses
2019-06-13 Moritz KieferAdapt to custom methods changes in haskell-lsp
2019-06-13 Luke LauSquashed commit of the following:
2019-06-08 Luke LauMerge pull request #39 from cocreature/fix-windows
2019-06-06 Moritz KieferFix various issues encountered on Windows
2019-06-04 Luke LauMerge pull request #32 from fendor/tdr-test-impls
2019-06-04 Luke LauMerge pull request #38 from cocreature/doc-modification
2019-06-04 Moritz KieferSupport TextDocumentDidChange and add non-file based...
2019-05-18 Luke LauBump to
2019-05-18 Luke LauMerge pull request #37 from alanz/haskell-lsp-0.13
2019-05-18 Alan ZimmermanBump haskell-lsp to
2019-05-09 Luke LauMerge pull request #36 from alanz/az-hie-bios
2019-05-09 Luke LauUpdate stack.yaml
2019-05-09 Luke LauUpdate stack extra-deps
2019-05-09 Luke LauUpdate haskell-lsp bounds
2019-05-07 Alan ZimmermanAdapt to new VirtualFile structure
2019-05-05 Luke LauFix getTypeDefinitions test
2019-05-05 Luke LauUpdate haskell-lsp
2019-04-28 Luke LauExport satisfy
2019-04-28 Luke LauUpdate bounds for haskell-lsp
2019-04-28 Luke LauUpdate haskell-lsp bounds
2019-04-23 Luke LauUpdate version bounds on tests
2019-04-23 Luke LauFix unhandle server notifications
2019-04-22 Luke LauBump to
2019-04-22 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' of
2019-04-22 Luke LauUpdate bounds on haskell-lsp
2019-04-20 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' into tdr-test-impls
2019-04-20 fendorUpdate .travis.yml
2019-04-19 Luke LauBump to
2019-04-19 Luke LauMerge pull request #33 from alanz/haskell-lsp-0.9
2019-04-19 Alan ZimmermanRelax upper bound on haskell-lsp
2019-04-11 Luke LauUpdate minimum base bounds
2019-04-07 Luke LauBump to
2019-04-06 Luke LauUpdate
2019-04-06 fendorExecute getTypeDefinition test
2019-03-31 Luke LauMerge pull request #30 from fendor/readme-how-to-test
2019-03-31 Luke LauBump hie version
2019-03-04 Luke LauMerge pull request #31 from fendor/type-def-req
2019-03-03 fendorComment out tests that are not working
2019-03-02 Luke LauUpdate HIE test version
2019-02-26 fendorAdd support for TypeDefinitionRequest
2019-02-26 fendorFix HIE build instruction
2019-02-26 fendorUpdate README to include instructions on how to run...
2018-12-06 Luke LauFix hoogle not generating right ghc version
2018-12-06 Luke LauUpdate hie
2018-12-05 Luke LauBubble up exceptions thrown on server listener thread
2018-12-05 Luke LauBump to
2018-12-05 Luke LauMake "fails a test" test more precise
2018-12-05 Luke LauProperly terminate server handler thread on exceptions
2018-11-13 Luke LauFix 8.0.2 builds
2018-11-12 Luke LauFix tests on travis travis
2018-11-12 Luke LauFix redundant imports
2018-11-12 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' of
2018-11-12 Luke LauAdd lspConfig option
2018-11-12 Luke LauMerge pull request #25 from alanz/ghc-8.6-constraint
2018-11-11 Alan ZimmermanAdd MonadFail constraint for GHC 8.6.1
2018-10-31 Luke LauMerge pull request #22 from jhrcek/typo
2018-10-30 Jan HrčekFix haddock
2018-09-09 Luke LauUpdate
2018-09-09 Luke LauIncrease cache timeout
2018-09-08 Luke LauBump to
2018-09-08 Luke LauUpgrade to haskell-lsp
2018-09-06 Luke LauRemove dud space in session.log
2018-09-04 Luke LauTry boring old one env-var stack build :(
2018-09-04 Luke LauAdd remaining handlers for messages
2018-09-04 Luke LauUpdate stack and travis
2018-09-03 Luke LauUpdate to haskell-lsp-0.7
2018-09-03 Luke LauUse stack for testing
2018-09-03 Luke LauBump resolver
2018-08-17 Luke LauJust use cabal again for travis testing, pray that...
2018-08-15 Luke LauUse correct stack in test
2018-08-15 Luke LauUse correct stack yaml for hoogle
2018-08-14 Luke LauMerge branch 'master' of
2018-08-14 Luke LauAdd getCodeActions, getCurrentDiagnostics, bump
2018-08-14 Luke LauUse stack for testing for now
2018-08-14 Luke LauSquashed commit of the following:
2018-08-14 Luke LauUpdate
2018-08-06 Luke LauMerge pull request #20 from Bubba/haskell-lsp-0.6
2018-08-06 Luke LauFix tests, add changelog haskell-lsp-0.6
2018-08-06 Luke LauUpdate haskell-lsp to 0.6
2018-08-05 Luke LauUpdate
2018-08-05 Luke LauUpdate description field
2018-08-04 Luke LauRemove capabilites since haskell-lsp now provides it
2018-08-01 Luke LauUpdate hie cloning
2018-08-01 Luke LauOnly cache .stack-work in HIE
2018-08-01 Luke LauMove example to separate cabal file
2018-08-01 Luke LauComplete documentation and update .cabal
2018-08-01 Luke LauHide some internals
2018-08-01 Luke LauRename sendRequest to request, sendRequest' to sendRequest
2018-08-01 Luke Laus/haskell-lsp-test/lsp-test
2018-08-01 Luke Lauhaskell-lsp-test -> lsp-test